Polyurethanes Information

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We rarely see flexible polyurethane foams themselves but benefit from them all the time and in quite different ways. These versatile foams underpin all sorts of performance requirements on which today's products depend.

Today have more comfortable, more interesting and more affordable furniture than ever before. In large part, this is thanks to polyurethane foams.



Sofas, armchairs and all sorts of seating rely on foams as filling materials. The great advantages of polyurethane foams are their ability to respond to specific requirements for each application (e.g. density, elasticity and durability) and at prices which make the end products well in reach of the average household. It is no exaggeration to say that people sleep better today because of polyurethane foams used in the mattresses.

Polyurethane Bedding


Thanks to these products, modern beds are more comfortable, better for the body and more hygienic. As just one example, perspiration from the body at night evaporates or passes through the open cells of polyurethane foams cutting down risk of skin irritation.



Mattresses, as with upholstered furniture, are made in conformity with national legislations and special uses as far as specific requirements are concerned (to give qualities such as durability, safety, fire retarding etc).

Polyurethanes Household

We use hundreds of foam articles to make life easier at home. Some of these are not very exciting but make an enormous contribution.

Domestic polyurethane products include sponges, wipers, winter clothing, bras, soft freezing bags, cushions, soft toys etc.

Polyurethanes Automotive

Vehicle manufacturers specify polyurethanes foams for cars and truck thanks to their comfort, safety, sound insulation and versatility for attractive designs. Foams are also lightweight, thus helping to cut down fuel requirements and emissions to the atmosphere.

The major uses of these foams are interior trimming, seats, headrests, filters and soundproofing. Each application has specific needs that polyurethane foams help producers to meet and which otherwise could not be met or at uncompetitive prices.